Magic Dust

Chicken Bacon Ranch Poppers

Seasoned with Magic Dust, smoked to perfection, and filled with creamy cheese, smoky chicken, crispy bacon and Ranch seasoning!

Nashville Hot

Nashville Chicken & Bacon Biscuit Bites

Tender chicken, crispy bacon, and melted cheese baked in fluffy biscuit dough finished with a dash of maple sweetness. Serve with tangy Ranch dip!

Nashville Hot

Nashville Chicken w/Blue Cheese Ranch Sauce

Crispy, spicy Nashville chicken paired perfectly with a creamy blue cheese ranch sauce!

Nashville Hot

Nashville Hot Chicken Burger w/Cheesy Ranch Fries

Crispy chicken thighs marinated in buttermilk and Nashville Hot Seasoning, paired with fries tossed in Ranch Seasoning and Parmesan cheese. A flavor explosion in every bite!

Nashville Hot

Chicken Bacon Ranch Nuggets w/Creamy Nashville Sauce

Crispy bacon-wrapped chicken, seasoned to perfection and paired with a spicy, creamy sauce that will pack a punch!