Chili LimeChilli Lime Butter Roasted Potatoes and Steak
Chili LimeChilli Lime Prawns

Chilli Lime Prawns

Fresh prawns marinated in butter, garlic, and Chilli Lime seasoning. Served with a squeeze of lemon and Sorta White Sauce.

Chili LimePrawn Salsa

Prawn Salsa

Grilled prawns coated in Lane's Chilli Lime seasoning, topped with a refreshing salsa on mini tortillas.

Chili LimeChorizo & Cheese Rolls

Chorizo & Cheese Rolls

Chorizo & Cheese Rolls! Unleash a burst of flavour with every bite! Featuring Lane's Chilli Lime Seasoning, this recipe combines fresh pork chorizo, grated cheese, and flaky puff pastry into a ...