Sorta White

Chopped Sandwich

Cheese, mortadella, ham, salami, onions, and crisp iceberg lettuce, all seasoned with Sorta White and Garlic2. Stuffed into crusty hotdog buns, it's a flavour-packed delight ready in just 15 minutes!


Roast Chicken

Double the flavour, double the satisfaction! Try this mouthwatering Chicken Roast, seasoned to perfection with Signature Seasoning and drizzled with Sorta White Sauce! It's a flavour explosion that...

Sorta White

Spiral Hot Dogs

Spiral Hot Dogs! Experience the unique twist as you bite into a juicy Frankfurter Sausage, skilfully spiral-cut and grilled to perfection. Nestled in a soft Brioche Roll and enhanced with a delight...


Prosciutto & Rocket Pizza

Prosciutto & Rocket Pizza! Showcasing a light and airy crust, enhanced by the delightful flavours of Sorta White sauce and Garlic2 seasoning. Topped with mouth-watering prosciutto, peppery rock...