Spatchcock Chicken with Corn Ribs

SERVE: 6 Hungry people
PREP: 15 min
COOK: 1 hr



  1. Preheat grill/oven to 350f/180c and
  2. To prepare the chicken, start by making a cut along the back of the chicken, running your knife against side of the spine. Grab a pair of kitchen shears and cut down one side of the spine following the cut.

  3. Cut down the other side and remover the spine. Start with the other side of the chicken, to make two perfect sides. Flip chicken over and press down between the breast muscles press down with some force and and break the breast bone this should allow the chicken to sit flat.

  4. Tuck the wings under the front of the body for a nice symmetrical look.  
  5.  Season the chicken and place chicken in oven or smoker.
  6. Next place your corn (still in husks) in the smoker with your chicken and allow to cook for 45 minutes
  7. Take corn out of the smoker and allow to cool slight, before cutting down the spine of each corn cob, cutting into qtrs.
  8. Place corn directly over a hot grill or fry brown to allow to char up slightly, as corn will start to curl.
  9. When it hits 75c Take chicken out of the smoker and allow to rest for 10 minutes while you finish your corn.
  10. Paint corn cobs with olive oil and dust with paprika. Sprinkle over Feta cheese and drizzle with sorta white.
  11. Serve chicken cut into 8 pieces or whole with your corn ribs.