Kapaula Creamy Potato Salad


SERVE: 4-6
PREP: 10 min
COOK: 30 min


  • 1kg Washed Potatoes
  • Chives
  • 1x Brown Onion
  • 200g Streaky Bacon
  • 100g Whole Egg Mayo
  • 250g Salad Cream
  • 1 tbs Honey
  • 1 tbs Lane’s Kapalua
  • 3x Hard Boiled Eggs


  • Step 1. Chop Potatoes in halves and part boil, until potato is soft, but still have a firm texture.
  • Step 2. Allow Potatoes to completely cool

  • Step 3. Boil water and place eggs in for 10 minutes. Take eggs straight out of the boiling water and place into ice water to chill immediately.

  • Step 4. Cook Bacon and onion on medium heat until bacon is crispy and onion is translucent, and allow too cool.
  • Step 5. Cut eggs in halves and in a large bowl, add all ingredients and mix together. Add Kapalua Seasoning

  • Step 6. Place salad in the fridge for at least 30 minutes and then enjoy.