Kinda Sweet

Competition Pulled Pork

Getting Ready

You need a few things.

  • A pork collar from your local butcher
  • Seasoning, We used Magic Dust get here
  • Sauces, We used Kinda Sweet and Itsa Vinegar
    Get the pack
  • A BBQ that you can crack a beer next to


Set your BBQ/Oven to your ideal temp, we go around 300F or 150c. You can go lower, but who has time to sit around a BBQ all day. Even though it is fun. Eating food is more fun

While your BBQ gets up to temp. Let’s get the pork ready. Remove it from the packet. Wipe it down and remove any nasty bits of fat or slime. Now you can use just about anything for this, but we use mustard. Give the pork a light coat so the rub has a better bind to the meat while cooking. This prevents rub coming off during the cook from the moisture. Now coat the pork Lane's Magic Dust and don’t be shy. This is a lot of meat and to give it the best chance of flavour town. We want a decent coating.

By now, your BBQ should be at your ideal temp, you can throw the pork on.

Cooking indirect (away from the heat source). Over the next few hours, keep an eye on it. If it looks a little dry. Give it a spritz with water in a spray bottle. This just helps the bark forming over time.

Keep an eye on the temperature. You shouldn’t have to wrap it with foil if you have the time, but if you want to speed it up. Wrap it in foil once the bark has formed that you’re happy with or it hits around the 160F mark. This will just speed up the process, but you will lose the delicious bark you’ve been working on. If it is taking its time, crank up the BBQ and get the temp hotter. For this one we went up to 400F, just to get it done quicker. Don’t be afraid of hotter temps. It’ll still pull.


You’re now looking for tenderness. Two ways you can do that. I prefer the feel test. If you probe the pork (with anything really) and it goes through like a hot knife through butter. You’re good. You should also be able to put a piece off its that easy. Otherwise you’re looking for a final temp of around 210F/100c. No need to rest, rip in and pull it apart. Add your sauce and another good amount of Magic Dust, for sauce we highly recommend Kinda Sweet and Itsa Vinegar 50/50 mix. Perfect mix of sweet and tangy.


You're done! Why not chuck together some easy sliders. Grab 2 x dozen Slider buns or dozen normal buns and some pickles – Bread and butter works best. Give some buns a toast if you like. Great to add more texture. Grab your pork and throw it on and add pickles.

Done and enjoy! 

There is so many options with pulled pork, tag us in your cook @lanesbbqau and show us what you did with it!