(2018 Awards)
Meatstock Melbourne
1st Pork
2nd lamb

Bbq & beer roadshow Brisbane (James solo)
3rd Beef Ribs

Bangalow BBQ & Bluegrass Festival
2nd Pork

Burleigh BBQ
1st Pork ribs
3rd Seafood
1st Chicken
2nd Lamb

Buffalo Trace Australian Bbq wars (Port Mac)
1st lamb (360)
4th Pork
3rd Pork Ribs

Kingsford Invitational
2nd Lamb
4th Chicken
nEw TeAm wHo tHiS
- Adrian, Sinead & James
Country boys is a Grand Championship winning BBQ team that started in 2016. From the first competition,we were hooked. We got a call for second place in pork and that was when the wheel was set in motion. In our first year on the circuit we able to take out two Reserve Grand Championships and the year’s high light,  first place ribs in Up in Smoke BBQ comp in Adelaide. 
We had a fantastic start to the year in 2017 with a Reserve Grand Championship from our first competition of the year. February saw us team up with Lukas from Rolling Smoke to take out the Grand Championship at Meatstock NZ. We also were lucky enough to win the Grand Championship at Port Douglas at Hemmingways BBQ comp. At Port Macquarie BBQ wars we were happy to walk away with second place pork and fourth place sausage while teaming up with Brett from Crafted Q. We also were nominated for peoples’ choice team of the year for 2017 and finished ninth overall on the Australasian Barbeque Alliance points ladder. 
2018 saw us go international with us competing at the Sonnys BBQ festival in the US by Invitation only. We also had multiple category wins and placing with the highest Beef Rib score for the year for an ABA competitor. We also were lucky enough to have two Grand Championships that year and two Reserve Grand Championship wins across two sanctioning bodies. We also finished in eighth place in 2018 on the ABA points ladder.
We could not have had our continued success without the help and support from our Lanes BBQ family and are looking forward to our 2019 competition year with their support.


Dane & Jesse formed Smoke & Steel BBQ in late 2017. Dane with previous completion experience and Jesse as a judge, they had quite a successful 2018 bbq season, cooking on homemade drums and Weber kettles.

Smoke & Steel love competing in both ABA and SCA competitions, were 2018 SCA Australian points champions and had numerous ABA top 10 calls.

Dane and Jesse are looking forward to trying some new things in 2019, and hope their success continues.

2018 achievements:

3rd place Ribs Meatstock Melbourne
1st place Chicken Meat Meet
1st place Pork Meat Meat
3rd place Ribs Up In Smoke
2nd place Brisket Creekside

3rd place Steak Meat Meat
2nd place Burger Meat Meat
1st place Steak Meatstock Sydney
1st place Steak Up In Smoke
3rd place Burger Up In Smoke
1st place Hotdog Creekside
2nd place Burger Creekside 


4th Place: Barbeques Galore Australian Barbecue Championships ’16
10th Place: Barbeques Galore Australian Barbecue Championships ’17

Grand Champions: Parramatta Big BBQ Battle ’17
Grand Champions: The Kangaroo Valley BBQ Comp. ’16
Grand Champions: Parramatta Big BBQ Battle ’16

Reserve Grand Champions: Parramatta Big BBQ Battle ’18

Beef: 1st Place – Bangalow BBQ Festival ’18
Beef: 1st Place – Parramatta Big BBQ Battle ’18
Beef: 1st Place – Central Coast Beef & Beer ’17
Beef: 1st Place – BBQ Wars – Port Macquarie ’17
Beef: 1st Place – Parramatta Big BBQ Battle ’16
Beef: 1st Place – Burleigh BBQ Championship ’15
Beef: 2nd Place – Burleigh BBQ Championship ’18
Beef: 2nd Place – The Kangaroo Valley BBQ Comp. ’16
Beef: 3rd Place – Parramatta Big BBQ Battle ’17
Beef: 3rd Place – KCBS YAKS Festival Melbourne ’17
Beef: 3rd Place – Crafted LIVE Orange ’17

Pork Ribs: 1st Place – Parramatta Big BBQ Battle ’16
Pork Ribs: 3rd Place – BBQ Wars – Port Macquarie ’16
Pork Ribs: 5th Place – Smokin’ The Valley ’17

Lamb: 1st Place – Burleigh BBQ Championship ’18
Lamb: 1st Place – Crafted LIVE Wollongong ’17
Lamb: 1st Place – The Kangaroo Valley BBQ Comp. ’16
Lamb: 2nd Place – Parramatta Big BBQ Battle ’18
Lamb: 2nd Place – Parramatta Big BBQ Battle ’17
Lamb: 2nd Place – Parramatta Big BBQ Battle ’16
Lamb: 3rd Place – Central Coast Beef & Beer ’17

Pork: 1st Place – Meatstock Sydney ’17
Pork: 5th Place – BBQ Wars – Port Macquarie ’17

Chicken: 1st Place – Parramatta Big BBQ Battle ’16
Chicken: 1st Place – Burleigh BBQ Championship ’15

Steak: 1st Place – Smokin’ The Valley ’16
Steak: 2nd Place – Smokin’ The Valley ’17

Chefs Choice: 1st Place – Australian Brewery Kingsford Invitational ’17
Chefs Choice: 2nd Place – Crafted LIVE Wollongong ’17
Chefs Choice: 3rd Place – Crafted LIVE Orange ’16

Rubbin The Fat BBQ are 4 guys from The Illawarra who have been bbqing separately for years but joined forces in mid 2018 to start competing.
By making a funny video we won a wildcard entry to the Sydney Invitational for our first comp. We were happy to get a call up and finish 28/33 against some of the best from Aus and across the world.
From there we have committed to being the best we can be and using the best products available, which is why we've partnered with Lane's to make our mark on the 2019 season. We look forward to seeing you at an event soon so please come say hi.

(Kangaroo Valley) 3rd in lamb and 4th overall.

All started with the passion for barbecue. 
4 mates on their own path  coming together for the love of cooking and lighting fires.
Daniel and Andrew first got together for a few cooks and decided to after a few short months, we would enter the competition circuit. Intended to practise more and more, we got the opportunity to do a small comp with the National Grilling Network. 
Knowing we would eventually need more hands, Daniel reached out to Ethan who was an old mate from high school to jump on board for some help. 
The 3 of us all had the same mind set and goals when it came to barbecue. 
In the first competition for us in 2018, Ethan invited his mate Ranga (real name Alex) to come and attend as a plus one. Ranga was epic on that day and night looking after all the little things we needed. A cook in his own right and a wiz on the Weber, we asked Alex to join the team to complete our Smoked Beyond Smoked team. 
Being on socials for only a short 8 months, we have close to 1300 followers who interact and share our passion. We are a team, a family and most importantly, good looking blokes 😉 
Thanks for having us on team Lane's BBQ 2019 season is going to be epic!
Smoky Pastures BBQ was founded as a competition team in 2018, however Tom Damin and Matthew Knowles have been cooking low and slow over charcoal for over a decade. The boys have a passion for fire and food.
With years of home cooking experience, and a love for low and slow style food, when the discovery of BBQ competitions was made it was only inevitable that a team would be formed.
Smoky Pastures BBQ is not just limited to the classic competition BBQ style food; there is a drive to explore new styles of cooking, ingredients, flavours and processes that drive Tom and Matt onwards on an exciting culinary journey of discovery. You can see influences from classic American style BBQ to Italian and French cuisine as well as many other styles of cooking in the food and recipes that they are producing.
This philosophy of searching for new ideas and flavors led the team towards the Lane's BBQ Australia products, which share the same inventiveness, with classic influences.
2019 is an exciting year as Smoky Pastures BBQ will further develop there competition experience and credentials, as well as working on many other delicious recipes and cooks that you can emulate at home.