Lane's RND team (James, Blair & Bretto) put together this epic sandwich. If you give this a go please tag Lane's BBQ Australia or send us your epic pics so we can share with the world.  ENJOY...

  • 2 racks of Baby Back Pork Ribs (we used Borrowdale)
  • 1 loaf of bread of your choice unsliced (Tiger loaf, Ciabatta anything with a nice crunch)
  • Lane's Signature Rub (or rub of choice)
  • Lane's Kinda Sweet &/or Lane's Lil Spicy
  • Brown Sugar
  • 250g Butter (Salted or Unsalted is fine - both work)
  • 1 pack Pork Crackle/Rinds
  • Sliced cheese of your choice (we used American Hi-Melt Cheddar)
  • Sliced Onion - grilled
  • Any other choice of condiments


We shared a rib recipe last week also which you can find here: 

  1. Remove the silvery membrane off the underside of the ribs. This won't breakdown during cooking and will become tough and chewy.
  2. Fire up your smoker and aim for an ambient temperature between 250f/120c to 275f/135c.
  3. Rub/season your ribs with the Signature Rub or rub of choice.
  4. Put the racks in the smoker along with a couple of chunks of your chosen wood if cooking with charcoal.
  5. Cook until a nice bark appears with a dark red brown colouration, 2-ish hours.
  6. Once happy with your bark/colour, wrap in a mix of brown sugar & butter (no this isn't keto) as pictured below.
  7. Cook for a further 1-2 hours or until the ribs are probing like butter between the bones and so you are able to twist/remove the bone with ease. It's ok to have soft ribs for this sandwich!
  8. Remove from your wrap and baste the ribs with a mix of Kinda Sweet and honey (3:1 ratio). We used Lil Spicy for our Ribwich and return to the smoker just to set the glaze. 15-30 mins
  9. It's at this stage we also cut the loaf of desired bread lengthways, lathered the inside with butter and placed on the smoker to "toast" the bun.
  10. Once happy with colour, texture and flavour/glaze on the ribs, remove from smoker and get ready to remove the bones. IT'S GONNA BE HOT - so wear double gloves or an insulated pair under your disposables. Oh and don't forget the bread's on the smoker DON'T BURN IT!
  11. You're going to need gentle hands for this, the ribs should be cooked to perfection to be able to grab the exposed bone and turn like a key and just wiggle out. Remove all the bones so you have 2 complete boneless racks (excuse me while I wipe the drool away)


  1. Grab the bread (that you didn't burn) and make sure you have all the ingredients ready to go.
  2. Lather base with choice of (white) sauce. Again this is your Ribwich so YOU can choose what you would like on the base of your 'wich. We suggest our Sorta White, but Kewpie Mayo is also incredible.
  3. Add the grilled onions across the base & some Kinda Sweet or Lil Spicy or whatever you choose
  4. Engage FIRST RACK!! Place gently on top of the onions. Look it's ok again if the racks are so soft they fall apart, you're gonna smash it into your face anyway and that's ok.
  5. Layer (4) slices of cheese of choice on top of rack THEN ENGAGE SECOND RACK OF RIBS!!!! (Sorry, just looking at this picture gets us excited enough to yell)
  6. More sauce of choice (Kinda Sweet & or Lil Spicy) and the Pork Crackle/Rind for some crunch and umami flavour (fancy we know)
  7. On the underside of the top bun again add your choice of (mouth lubrication) - butter, more sauce, mayo, anything and place on top. VOILA! Your creation is complete. 


You can use any rub, any sauce, any bread or other toppings you like! That's the beauty of a Ribwich it can be anything you dream of. Give it a go and share your creations with us. We would love to see what you come up with.