🥧🥧 Potato & Smoked Beef Pie 🥧🥧

Potato pies have always been a favourite of mine, so I thought I would share my recipe.

1. Rub Beef (your choice of Chuck, Shin, Cheek, Brisket etc ) but we used chuck, using Lanes BBQ ancho espresso and brisket or the BRANCHO Combo
2. Fire up the lump charcoal and add cherry wood (or your choice of wood) and smoke the chuck for a few hours until they turned a gorgeous red.
3. Dice up the chuck into 1-2 cm cubes
4. In a pot, sauté carrot, white onion and mushrooms with a little butter
5. Add beef stock, a heavy splash of red wine and finally the beef
6. On low heat let the beef cook down until super tender, then add your favourite gravy to thicken the mixture up
7. To make my potato topping I used 5x medium potatoes and boiled them with some salt, passed them through a sieve (so it’s velvety smooth), then return mash to a pot, add 1/2 small bottle of cream, season with Lane's Garlic2
8. Line pie tins with short cut pastry, spoon in beef mixture until level with the top of the tin
9. Place mash into a piping bag then cover the pie until you reach the desired thickness of mash
10. Sprinkle some cheese on top
11. Cook pies in the oven until the top is super golden and pastry is cooked through (May need to blind bake)


RECIPE & 📷 @aussie_q