Reverse Sear Tomahawk Steak

Getting Ready

You need 3 things.

  • Tomahawk steak from your local butcher

  • Your choice of seasoning

  • A BBQ that you can crack a beer next to

  • There’s actually 4. Beer.. You need beer

Reverse Sear Method

Set your BBQ/Oven to your ideal temp, we go around 300F or 150c

While you're BBQ gets up to temp. Let’s get the beast ready. Remove the steak from the packet and wipe off any weird looking stuff or slime. If you want, for the rub to stick better. Use some oil and lightly coat the steak.


Now you’re ready for the rub. This part is very important. No one likes anything under seasoned. Being such a big piece of meat, it can handle a good amount. That way once you slice, every piece has some flavour. When seasoning, hold high and shake side to side. NOT up and down. This will give you an even coat across the whole piece.


By now your BBQ should be up to temp. Time to throw it on. Don’t forget to have it cooking indirect (away from direct heat).  This way you will ensure an even cook coast to coast. Once on, keep a close eye on its temperature. You don’t want to overcook it. We prefer to take it off the barbie at 120F/50c this is us aiming for a medium rare.


Once you hit your ideal temp, take it off the BBQ and wrap it in foil. This will be letting the steak rest before you sear. It will continue to cook slowly in the foil and also keep moisture. Let rest for at least 20 minutes. If taken off at 120F it should come up to around 130F.



Get your coals or flat plate super-hot. We recommend over coals or wood fire for best results. Unwrap your tomahawk and put it straight over the heat source. To keep an eye on how the sear is going, keep flipping every 30 seconds until desired sear is created.


Done! No need to rest as we have already done it before the sear. You will have a feast for you and a mate. Or if you're like me, just for yourself with some baked potatoes and a beer.