Pork Belly On a Stick

Pork Belly On a Stick

PREP: 5 min
COOK: 3.5 hrs


  • 5 - 6 rashes of pork belly
  • Lane's Kinda Sweet
  • Lane's Magic Dust


  1. Set your smoker to 120c 
  2. If your pork belly has the skin on, remove then skewer longways. Metal skewers are best if you only have the bamboo kind make sure they are well soaked and keep an eye on them throughout he cook (Extra tip: wrap the exposed end in foil to prevent them burning)

  3. Coat with your favorite pork rub. We love Magic Dust obviously but, who doesn't!

  4. Smoke for around 2 hours until the strips have taken on a beautiful deep red colour. 
  5. Remove from the smoker at place in an aluminum tray with butter and Lane's Kinda Sweet sauce

  1. Cover with foil and cook for another hour or until the meat reaches an internal temp of 95c
  2. Remove the foil to allow the sauce on the skewers to get tacky. This will probably only take 10/15mins
  3. As always we love these with fresh homemade pickles, also a squeeze of lime and some chopped shallots will add an layer of freshness over the sweet pork.
  4. ENJOY!

These keep really well in the fridge or freezer. Use any leftovers (yeah right) for a DIY Ribwich or, chopped up in a *gasp* salad.