Lane's Cheesesteaks

PREP: 10 min
COOK: 1 hr


  • 2x 250G Rib eye (Min 1in thick)
  • Lane's 'Brancho' Brisket/Ancho COMBO Rub
  • 1x Capsicum
  • 1x Brown Onion
  • Good quality cheese slices (we used jalapeno cheddar)
  • 3x Long bread rolls


  1. Preheat your smoker to 135c. if using a weber kettle setup in an 'in-direct' method
  2. Season the steak on both sides with Lane's 'Brancho' 
  3. Place steak on smoker for around 45 mins
  4. After 45mins check the internal temp you're looking for a reading of 57c

  5. Once the steak reaches 57c take off, and leave to rest.
  6. Slice and grill vegetables in a skillet or frypan with a little olive oil until soft and caramelized 
  7. Remove the vegetables from the pan
  8. Sear the steak on a very high heat (straight over a full basket of charcoal works best) turning every 5-10 seconds to create a nice even crust. Remove when a nice dark crust has formed or after 1-2 mins
  9. place a small bed of vegetables (1 Serve) back on the pan Thinly slice the steaks and place 6/7 slices on top of the vegetables.
  10. place 4 slices of cheese on top of the steak and put the pan onto the heat and cover until the cheese melts through.

  11. Once the cheese has melted transfer into a fresh cut roll. Serve straight away!