Fresh Signature Fettuccine Pasta

Homemade Signature Fettuccine Pasta Dough


1 2/3 cups 00 Flour 

2 Large Eggs

Half Tbs Signature Rub

1 Tbs Olive Oil


In a large mixing bowl, add flour, signature and mix together.

Create a well in the centre and mix in olive oil and eggs. Mix with wooden spoon or with hands until all combined and then roll into dough ball, until smooth (roughly 2-5 minutes)

Let dough rest for 30 mins covered on lightly floured work surface.

Cut dough into 4 equal size pieces and flatten out with hand. Feed this through a pasta machine roller until thin.

Use the cutter on the machine or roll into a tight cylinder and cut 1cm intervals. Cook in heavily salted water and enjoy 

Instructional video on Youtube now available, using left over beef shin.