1. Cut Steak into strips and season with Fiesta Rub
  2. Over medium high heat (preferably in a cast iron skillet) add 1 tablespoon of Garlic² butter (See directions below) and Steak. Cook until desired internal temp. We cooked ours med rare 135f.
  3. Julienne Cut Onion, Capsicum, and jalapeños
  4. Over medium heat add 1 tablespoon Garlic² Butter (See directions below), Onions, Capsicum, and Jalapeños. Season with Fiesta Rub and cook until soft, but still has a crunch.
  5. Once all cooked prepare your fajitas to your liking.

Lane's Garlic² Butter

  1. Blend Stick of softened butter and Lane's Garlic² Seasoning
  2. Place in Fridge


Recipe Note

(optional) Fiesta is a good finishing seasoning as well. So for extra flavor you can sprinkle Fiesta on top before eating.