Christmas Porchetta - How to Guide

Is there anything better than a freshly roasted pork with amazing crackle? Yes there is! Freshly roasted pork stuffed with Lane’s Kapalua rub, pecans and cranberries!

Ever wondered how to cook a Porchetta perfectly?

Follow these simple instructions for the most amazing pork lunch this Christmas. 


The right tools and a plan is key to making the perfect Porchetta. Here are some must have tools and things to consider before your journey. 

  • Blaze Thermometer (instant read thermometer)
  • Carving knife (keep it sharp, you don't want to lose any crackle)
  • Cutting board (concave cutting board will help keep all the juices on the board and off the table)
  • Space in the fridge (for air drying skin)
  • Time - Don't be last minute (you will have to salt the pork and leave uncovered in the fridge for 24 hours)


First off – If you can get your butcher truss the pork for you, this will save a lot of time.

What you also want to do is remove the bones from the pork leaving the belly and loin attached. This is to allow for easy rolling. Carefully grab a sharp knife or Jaccard and score the skin. This will help achieve maximum crunch!

Next step is to season the inside of the meat with a generous amount of Kapalua rub and place the crushed pecans and dried cranberries on top of the flesh.

Roll your pork roast up nice and carefully, to ensure all your filling doesn’t run out. Grab some butchers twine and create a slip knot in 1” inch sections of the pork. Cut off the ends of the twine and then loop twine around the roast, tying off a knot again. This is to hold everything in place while it is cooking.


The crackle in some people’s eyes is the most important part of the pork roast. Any who are we to argue?

Firstly, place your pork roast that has been nicely put together and season the outside with a generous amount of salt. Salt draws out all the moisture in the skin.

Next, place your Porchetta in the fridge, uncovered for 24 hours. The air mixed with the salt allows a lot of the moisture to dry out of the skin.  Dry skin = super crackle.

TIP: You can dry skin for an extra day, but ensure your pork is as fresh as possible.


It's cooking time! All that preparation you put in is about to pay off.

Place your Porchetta in your oven at the highest setting it can go and allow for crackle to set. We prefer to do this in a Weber Kettle as we can get this hotter than any conventional oven.

Once the crackle is as crispy as anything, lower the temperature of the oven or bbq and allow the pork to slow roast.

We recommend:

  • Set your smoker/oven to 425f/220c degrees, for the first 1 hour. Allow for 2 hours if necessary
  • Lower the temperature of your cooker to 350f/175c and allow to slow cook
  • Take pork out to rest uncovered for 30 minutes once the belly hits 185f/85c and the loin hits 145f/62c


Now it’s time to get stuck in! Slice and serve with some amazing roast vegetables!


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