Blair Tomkinson-  Bear’s BBQ  

Blair Tomkinson-  Bear’s BBQ  

Meet Blair. The mastermind behind Bear's BBQ here in QLD. If you have ever been to a BBQ Festival, chances are you have probably met him under the Lane’s tent.

Blair is a successful competition barbecuer, caterer and all around good human being. 

 This week, we sat down with the Brisket maestro himself and got to know him a little better.

Thanks for answering some questions champion. We appreciate it

Q: Bear’s BBQ - How did you venture into catering for smoked foods?

A: Honestly, I was never looking into catering, but I started getting a lot of interest with messages and phone calls asking to cater private events and weddings. Then having people from those events coming up to you and saying that was some of the best food they have eaten in a very long time.

It was super motivating especially when the BBQ comes from Smokers, I built myself.

Q: You and Brett (Lane's BBQ AU) have a long respectful history, even competing with one another at one staged. Is this how you first got introduced to Lane’s BBQ?

A: So yeh back in 2016 I was invited to a dinner at Getta Burger the night before Brisbane BBQ Festival by Chris Bollins “barbecue mafia” and the only seat left at the table was beside Brett. We started talking and became good mates, he told me about these amazing rubs he had been using and I was super interested from that day. He then asked if I wanted to start cooking in his BBQ team CRAFTED Q so he could start focusing on his LANES BBQ stores more. One of my favourite highlights with him was at the Bangalow BBQ Festival 2017 and we placed 4th Pork Ribs and 1st Brisket, we both nearly fell over in excitement, was a ripper day that I will not forget. Soon after this I joined Dan “Country Boys BBQ”  with our awesome team Dave, Will and Matt, and with the LANES BBQ sponsorship we have been pretty successful finishing top 10 for last 3 years in the ABA comps, which is an awesome achievement because everyone in the team has worked so hard for it.

Q: If you had to plan your perfect day, what would you do from waking up to going to bed?

A: Lying next to you ha-ha, A perfect day would be waking up on the beach drinking some super cold beers or cocktails, having a BBQ with friends and family and forgetting all the stuff going on in the real world.

Q: You have been with Brett practically from the start of this Lane’s BBQ journey. You’ve seen it grow from strength to strength. What do you love most about Lane’s BBQ?

A: Well we all know Brett will drop anything to help you. But what I love most is the happy atmosphere Lane’s BBQ pushes, they have the best customer support and are all about the people that support the company, and always trying to give back as much as possible.

Q: Do you have a cooking idol?

A: Ok I have a couple, first would be the Chris Bollins who I grew up with, as he is what started my BBQ career, I would message him weekly for advice or ask if I could tag along to their Barbecue Mafia comps, which I appreciate so much for allowing me that opportunity.

Second would be Tootsie from Snows BBQ Lexington TX, she has been in the industry for over 50 years and she is hands down one of the best Barbecuer’s in the world and I just love what she does.

Q: What bit of advice would you give to someone looking to get into competition barbecue?

A: Advice I have from experience is do not be afraid to do a comp, it is a fun day hanging out with your mates cooking BBQ. Most the time the experienced teams will help you, do not be afraid to ask for advice from them either, or if they do not help, make sure you beat them ;). You will take home a lot of knowledge from just 1 or 2 comps and will get the BUG to keep going :D

You can find Blair on Facebook and Instagram under @bearsbbq

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