3 beef cheeks trimmed and cubed
1 small brisket point trimmed and cubed
3 green chillies, can use any chillies though.
1 jar of chipotle in adobo sauce
1/4 cup vinegar
1 can crushed tomatoes 
5 cloves of garlic
1tsp dried oregano
1/2 tsp smoked paprika
1tsp cumin
1/4 cup of lanes chilli and lime 


1. Put all ingredients in a bowl and blitz with stick blender until smooth. Add diced meat and mix. Leave over night.

2. In a cast iron pot sweat down 1 diced brown onion, add 1 cinnamon stick and 4 bay leaves.

3. Add meat and marinade and enough salt reduced chicken stock to cover.
Leave lid off and place on smoker to smoke at 250-275f for 3 hrs.

4. Cover with lid and continue for another 3 hrs or until meat is ready to pull.

5. Remove meat and pull it. 

6. Get a skillet to medium heat and dunk your tortillas quickly in the sauce, then fry them off on the skillet.

7. Start building your taco in the skillet.  Meat, cheese and white
onion diced finely.

8. Flip and fold until ready.

Serve with the remainder of the stew mix on the side for dunking your taco in.

Photos and recipe by Jen Carr