Bangin' Beef Ribs

SERVE: 3 - 6
PREP: 15 min
COOK: 8-10 hrs

Beefies would have to be one of our favourite cuts to cook, second only to the Tomahawk steak, a beef rib is about the most imperssive looking BBQ cut you can put on a plate. Check out the method below for our simple and traditional method for this legendary cut.


  • 3 Bone Beef Rib
  • Lane's 'Go Full Texan' 50/50 Rub (Or whatever you prefer)
  • A large knife (A Cimeter knife works best)
  • Foil or peach paper if you intend to wrap


  1. Start your coals/smoker. We're looking for a nice steady 120c.
  2. Using a sharp boning knife Carefully trim off the fat cap and silver skin using firm and consistent slices.
  3. Remove the membrane from the underside if you like, for beef ribs this is generally for a better appearance once cooked. Remove it the same way as you would a pork rib membrane.

  4. Apply a good even coat of your preferred seasoning. Because we're going for a traditional vibe today we used our 'Go Full Texan' 50/50 Rub. 

  1. Place the ribs meat side up in the smoker. You can spritz the ribs every couple hours or so (we just use water).
  2. Beef loves bold hardwoods like oak or hickory but, good old Aussie ironbark is perfect too.
  3. if you want to speed up the cook you can wrap once the meat internal temp gets to 76c. We prefer to leave them unwrapped for maximum bark.
  4. At around the 8hr mark begin to probe for tenderness
  5. Once the probe slides in with little to no resistance your ribs are ready to come of for a 20/30 min rest.
  6. if you need to hold them longer wrap them in foil/peach paper then in a towel and place in a small esky. Your bark will soften with this approach but it's better to give yourself a spare extra hour or two instead of timing it for dinner time.
  7. When you're ready to serve, Slice in between the bones with a large knife (a Cimeter knife works best for this)