Frequently Asked BBQ Questions – What rub should I use?

🤔What should I use on chicken? What's the best rub for pork ribs? Can I use this on brisket?
We get it, you've paid top dollar for a premium cut, you're having some hungry mates over and have spent the last week talking up you're BBQ game. You want to make sure it's not all a waste.
Firstly we'll let you in on a little secret. our bottle designs hint to the preferred protein of each rub. look at the little animal icons under the logo, they will give you an idea of the intended use.
There's a few 'rules' that get thrown around regarding flavour profiles for BBQ cuts but we're here to tell you that rules were made to be broken! We've got over 19 rubs and counting and we love experimenting with different and unexpected combinations! so below we've listed the popular approach to a few proteins as well as a couple of thought starters if you want to get creative!
🐄 Beef Brisket – Keep it simple, Texas style with 50/50 salt pepper, add garlic if you want to get fancy. Our 'Go Full texan' is as traditional as it comes or our Brisket rub is a great no-nonsense rub perfect for steak, brisket, or beef roast.
🐖 Pulled Pork / Ribs – Sweet/Spicy flavours like brown sugar, paprika, honey, mustard and cayenne. Try Lane's Magic Dust, Honey Sriracha, or sweet heat.
🐑 Lamb – Herbier profiles with rosemary , thyme, garlic and salt work well. Try our Brisket rub with a little added rosemary 😉
🐟 Seafood – Delicate seasonings with citrus, pepper and honey wont overpower the flavour of great fresh seafood. Our Sweet Lemon Pepper rub is perfect for this.
✨Get Experimental...✨
🥩 Beef – a sweeter profile with fatty tomahawks and brisket can be amazing, try our Magic Dust! Or, try a spicier mexican profile like our 'Fiesta' rub then serve sliced in soft tacos.
🍗 Chicken – Try wings or breast 'Texas style' with our brisket rub. or try a autumn vibe with our Maple Pecan rub!
🐷 Pork – Create some 'pig candy' with our dessert rubs, Apple pie or Blueberry Muffin.
🐟Seafood – Try a smokey blackened fish recipe with our 'Blackening rub, or spice up some fried calamari with our SPF53 rub.
There's nothing wrong with going with the tried and tested but experimenting is where the magic happens. 🔮